Local move

Fukuoka Soko Group services customers from Hokkaido to Okinawa, the entire length of Japan. Whether you need to move from a tiny apartment across town or to a new home on the other side of Japan, we can help. In 2020, Fukuoka Soko conducted nearly 3,000 local, domestic moves. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our speed and value proposition.

Please contact us at +81-3-6721-9050 or
email: for any questions or a free survey request.

Storage Room for Personal Belonging

If you need a safe, accessible warehouse option to store your surfboards/skis, sporting goods, BBQ, and seasonal items etc., Fukuoka Soko can help.
We offer short and long-term storage solutions for individuals. For more details, please contact us.

Office Moves

In 2022, Fukuoka Soko helped over 500 companies with their office moves.
We are experts at planning and executing small or large-scale office relocations quickly and effectively.

In addition to your office move, we also offer the following additional services.

  • Air conditioner removal
  • Furniture and Document Disposal (What about Hazardous Materials?)
  • Document Storage and packing
  • Furniture assembly, removal of fixtures and fittings

Document Storage and Management

Many companies rely on Fukuoka Soko to maintain reams of documents in either short, or long-term storage.
Fukuoka Soko will store your important papers, contracts, application forms, personal data, financial records, medical records, x-rays, films and books in accordance with Japanese laws. Our document storage service will manage your inventory of documents and can dispatch and dispose based on your specific needs.

Please consider our Document Storage and Management service if:

  • you are running out of office space to store documents.
  • you need to move or renovate your office and require short, or long-term storage.
  • you need an outsourced solution to manage your files.

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