Smooth moving and attentive customer service

Various studies have found that moving, or relocation, is particularly stressful for families. Fukuoka Soko aspires to make your transition as smooth as possible, through gentle, attentive care. We are happy to share as much local knowledge as we can.

Worldwide network and superbly equipped warehouses
throughout Japan

From its inception in 1948 to the present, Fukuoka Soko has built a Worldwide network with a long history and successful track record. With a network of warehouse facilities, trucks and crews, we cover the entire Japanese archipelago.

Our warehouses utilize 24/7 round-the-clock security, are fully-equipped with fire prevention, climate-control, and pest-prevention systems, and are in strict compliance with Japanese Laws and regulations.


Warehouse Locations Floor Space Number of trucks  
Tokyo 35,600sq.ft. 10 Bonded warehouse - can clear customs
Nagoya 10,800sq.ft. 5 Bonded warehouse - can clear customs
Osaka 10,800sq.ft. 10  
Iwakuni 10,800sq.ft. 12  
Sasebo 19,600sq.ft. 14  
Fukuoka 18,000sq.ft. 22 Bonded warehouse - can clear customs

All employees are expected to contribute economically,
environmentally and socially.

Business Sustainability
  • Legal Compliance
  • Thorough employee education and staff training system
  • Fukuoka Soko is committed to continuous improvement and innovation.
    We aim to provide the highest quality of service to customers at all times.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Strict compliance on CO2 emission regulations
  • Drunk-driving prevention education and screening with regular breathalyzer tests
  • Fukuoka Soko donates a portion of our profits to the Tohoku Disaster recovery activities fund
Efforts to help the environment
  • To obtain ISO14001 certification, we are actively working for the conservation of the environment
  • Implementation of environmental management systems
  • We constantly evaluate our environmental policies, initiatives, objectives to ensure alignment with our management systems.
Environmental policy 2023 Targets
Resource and energy conservation 5% reduction in CO2 emissions
Reduce consumption of electricity and fuel
Buying Green when possible
Waste Reduction and Recycling
Promotion of Activities
Execution environment of 5S
1.Setsuden (power-saving)
2.Sessui (water-conservation)
3.Setsuyaku (cost reduction)
4.Saisei (recycling)
5.Shushu Bunbetsu (proper waste separation)
Ongoing Training and Education Promotion of environment-related activities
Community activities:
-Litter pickup
-Street cleaning
-Weed removal
-Eco-conscious driving
-Consider the environment before printing
Ensuring that our employees make the extra effort to do something positive for the community.

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