Coming to japan

Fukuoka Soko If you're coming to Japan, choose Fukuoka Soko to handle your customs clearance, delivery and unpacking.

Fukuoka Soko is the exclusive trusted agent for many international moving companies.

We will clear your shipment through customs, deliver it to any address in Japan, unpack all of the boxes, assemble your furniture and dispose of all of the packing debris.

In order for Fukuoka Soko to arrange customs clearance, the shipper (you) must have already arrived and physically landed in Japan. You will need to be physically present in Japan during the customs clearance process.

The time frame from customs clearance to home delivery is as follows:

Air shipment Sea shipment Note
3-5 working days
7-10 working days
Address within 50km radius from the port of entry.
Actual time frame may vary depending on the situation.

For more details of what is required to clear your shipment through customs.

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