Thank you very much for your plite and speedy delivery.
I am very satisfied to your services.

Delivery team leader: Mr. Kubota/Osaka branch

2020/11/11Ms. Y.S. from UAE to Osaka, Japan

Everything was great and went very smoothly! Everybody was kind, efficient, and on time, so I had no complaints even when I had to delay my shipment due to the typhoon.

This comment was given to Iwakuni branch.
Crew member: Mr. Ushijima and Mr. Hamano

2020/10/23Kevin Chu, from Iwakuni Japan to Virginia, U.S.A.

The pack out company in IWAKUNI Japan (Fukuoka Soka) was amazing.

They were 10 crates in Virginia. The crates were in pristine condition, and none of
the items packed inside were damaged or moldy.

Keep up the great work they are doing daily!

This comment was given to Iwakuni Branch crews: Mr. Enomoto, Mr. Tsuru, Mr. Kawamura and Mr.Haji

2020/10/07Eileen Scott, from Iwakuni Japan to Virginia USA

Top Notch group!!
You should really meet the Fukuoka Soko folks!  

This compliment was given to our Iwakuni branch crew.
Crew memebr: Mr. Kurihara, Mr. Tsunawaki,  Mr. Shiotsuki, Mr. Misawa  &  Mr. Nogami

2020/10/01Scott Brenner, from Iwakuni, Japan to California USA

The service at origin was excellent, nothing bad to say at all.
On time, outstanding attitude and wrapping service of each item shipped was great. 
Very productive and time efficient.

This comment was given to Iwakuni branch.
Crew leader: Mr.Enomoto


2020/09/26Artur Bernatowski, from Iwakuni, Japan to USA

- Origin services (packing, crating, etc) were THE BEST I have dealt with in my 16 years and 7+ moves. FUKUOKA SOKO Co LTD is unparalleled - they have set standard no other moving company worldwide can achieve.
- Compliance with COVID-19 Protocols. Origin services were in full compliance with no complaints. 

This comment was given to Sasebo office's packing crew for thier great work.
Packing: June 16-17 
Crew leadaer: Mr. Shigeki Ishibashi/Branch Manager
Crew members: Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Sugano, Mr. Hayashi, Mr. Houki

2020/08/26Sean Doherty, from Iwakuni to Mississippi USA

Excellent packers and movers at both the origin (MCAS Iwakuni, Japan--Fukuoka
Soko) and destination (Riverview/Tampa Florida--Coleman American).

Packing team at origin members of Fukuoka Soko. 
Packing date on June 5th.)
 from Iwakuni branch -  Mr. Hashii, Mr. Kitagawa, Mr. Morimoto
 from Fukuoka branch - Mr. Yasumoto, Mr. Tsuruta                                    


2020/08/05J.H. from Iwakuni, Yamaguchi to Flolida USA

Mr. Kubota gave excellent, very polite and thorough services.
 The performance of Mr. Kubota and Fukuoka Soko is really

 Crew leader: Mr. Kubota /Osaka branch


2020/08/04J.H. from Kyotango, Kyoto

Very good communication and understand need of the customer.
Always ask our questons. packing was very carefull, efficient, fast and very considerable.

Packing crew leader: Mr. Kubota from Osaka branch

2020/07/21J.C. from Kyoto to Sudbury, MA USA

The Japanese packers were OUTSTANDING in their efficiency and quality of packing. Every single item was packed with the utmost of care with attention to detail to ensure that nothing would be damaged. EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. My furniture was essentially double wrapped and then packed in what amounted to a custom made box by the packers ability to modify boxes and shape them appropriately. The Japanese should give lessons in how to pack a household. They are amazing!

This comment was given to Iwakuni branch members:
Mr. Sugitani, Mr. Hamano, Mr. Tokuda, Mr. Motoda and Mr. Okimoto


2020/02/13Benjamin Holman, from Iwakuni to Colorado USA

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