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Customs Regulations for Inbound Shipments

Prohibited & Restricted items

It is illegal to bring the following into Japan.

  • Firearms or Weapons Ammunition
  • Narcotics/Drugs
  • Pornography
  • Explosives
  • Fresh food stuffs
  • Rice, corn, beans, wheat

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For further information, please refer to the following pages;

Japan Customs page on prohibited items

Plant Protection Station (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Japan)

Plant Quarantine for Travellers to Japan

Duty-free/Tax-free Allowance

When imported together with your personal effects shipment, you may import the following items duty-free. Personal effects and unaccompanied baggage for personal use are free of duty and/or tax within the allowance specified below.

Items Allowance (per adult,
20 years old)
Alcoholic Beverages 3 bottles A bottle contains approximately 760cc
Tobacco Products Cigars 50 cigars If a visitor brings in more than one kind of tobacco product, the total allowance is equivalent to 250 grams.
Examples of the allowance for heat-not-burn tobacco
  • IQOS: 200 pieces
  • glo: 200 pieces
  • Ploom TECH: 50 capsules
Cigarettes 200 cigarettes
Heat-not-burn tobacco 10 individual packages,etc
Other kinds of tobacco 250 grams
Perfume 2 ounces One ounce is about 28ml.
Others and Brand-new items 200,000yen The total overseas market value of all articles other than the above items must be under 200,000yen. Any item whose overseas market value is under 10,000yen is free of duty and/or tax and is not included in the calculation of the total overseas market value of all articles.There is no duty-free allowance for articles having a market value of more than 200,000yen each or each set.

*1 Commodities and commercial samples are subject to duty and/or tax since they are not regarded as being for personal use.
*2 In the case of applying duty-free allowance for rice, please submit a "Report for the Import of Rice" to the Local Food Office or other competent organization, then submit one of the copies which are returned to you to the Customs Office.
*3 For additional information of the new exemption of tobacco, please see the brochure(Announcement[PDF:81KB]PDFファイル).

Duty and Tax Rate

When your belongings exceed the limit of the allowances, the following simplified Customs duty and tax rates will be applied, in most cases, to that amount which is in excess.
Simplified Customs Duty and Tax Rate

Items Duty/ Tax Rate
Alcoholic Beverages Whisky, Brandy 450yen per bottle (750ml)
Rum, Tafia, Gin, and Vodka, etc. 300yen per bottle (750ml)
Liquor, Cordial 225yen per bottle (750ml)
Beer, Low-Malt Beer 150yen per bottle (750ml)
Others 15%
Cigarettes 12,500yen per 1,000 cigarettes (12.5yen per cigarette)

Customs duties are subject to change.

For further information, please refer to the link below.
Japan Customs - Procedures of Passenger Clearance


We strongly discourage you from packing prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines or pharmaceuticals into your air/sea shipments. If Japan Customs discovers medicines in your shipment, they will inspect the entire shipment for prohibited pharmaceuticals, and your delivery may be severely delayed. Your medicines may be confiscated. We would encourage you to bring medicines with you on your flight to Japan.

For further information, please refer to the links below.

Ministry of Labour, Health, and Welfare - Bringing Medicines for personal use

Pets (Dogs and Cats)

Bringing a pet to Japan requires serious consideration and prior consultation.
If you wish to bring any pets to Japan, you will need to plan well ahead.

  • Various certificates of health/vaccination are required
  • Pet travel may be restricted by airlines due to space limitations or extreme heat and cold.
  • Quarantine of the animals for a period on arrival will be necessary. (Your pet will be held in quarantine upon arrival)
  • Be sure to also check your home country quarantine laws. Some countries (like Australia) have very specific restrictions on animals entering the country, even if they were originally from that country.

For further information, please refer to the Animal Quarantine Services.
Animal Quarantine Services
Animal Quarantine Services - FAQ

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