Leaving Japan

General Process for Overseas Moving and Removals

For your overseas move out of Japan, Fukuoka Soko's services include the following:

1. FREE Pre-Move Survey

When it's time to return to your home country or move to your next overseas assignment, contact Fukuoka Soko at +81-6-6478-5011, so we can assess the volume and logistics of your move.

We will send one of our representatives to your home or do the survey over the phone. Our pre-move surveys are provided free-of-charge, with ZERO commitment and include the following:

Understanding of your preferred packing and delivery dates
Check access to property and/or parking restrictions/requirements
Provision for an outside lift or any special handling requirements *1, *2
Comprehensive household inventory and estimated volume of the shipment
List of items/objects for which particular precautions and/or packing procedures are necessary
2. Survey Results and Estimate

Based on our estimated volume (and weight for air freight) of your belongings, Fukuoka Soko will provide you with a written estimate and approximate time frame to your final destination.

3. Before Moving Day - Pre-Move Preparations

After accepting our estimate, careful planning and coordination will be crucial to ensuring a smooth move.
According to your preferred schedule, Fukuoka Soko will arrange the best packing, storage, and tentative delivery dates.
Prior to the Packing Day, Fukuoka Soko will provide you with low-tack, adhesive stickers so you can sort your belongings into the following categories:

OCEAN Freight and/orAIR Freight (If necessary)
Items that will NOT be shipped (for example, Storage, Local move or Disposal)
Items for DISPOSAL *3

If you prefer to pack personal or private items yourself, Fukuoka Soko will be happy to provide cartons, tape and bubble wrap, in advance. Please mark the detailed contents on the top of each carton with a black marker. (Cartons packed by the owner will not be covered by insurance if taped shut. In order to cover these cartons under insurance, we must check the condition of the packing and re-pack if necessary. Therefore, please do not tape the cartons shut.)

Insurance: Fukuoka Soko will provide you with a checklist to cover your shipment with marine insurance coverage for possible breakage or damage.

*1 Grand and Upright Pianos require special handling, and arrangements should be confirmed as early as possible.

*2 Air Conditioners and other appliances: Fukuoka Soko can arrange to have a qualified electrician remove air conditioners, washer and dryer, light fixtures, TV antennas, or any other electrical appliances. Refrigerators should be emptied, defrosted and unplugged by Packing Day. Disposal or recycling fee will be charged separately.

*3 Please be advised that additional charges may be incurred for disposal of your unwanted items.

4. Packing Day

First, before we start packing any boxes, the team will arrive a bit early to

Place protectors on the elevators, entrances, and walkways to guard against damage to the property
Place protectors inside the residence to ensure doors, stairways, floors and walls are cushioned against damage or impact.

Packing - The team will then carefully pack your items into cartons and put odd-sized items (like large furniture, TVs, and dining chairs) into custom-made boxes. Dresses, long coats, suits and fine clothing will be removed from your closets and placed into hanger boxes.

Fukuoka Soko's team will prepare a detailed packing list, which shows the number of cartons, the contents of each carton, and specifies the unique inventory number for each carton. Lastly, upon your confirmation, we will tidy up, remove the protectors, load your boxes into our trucks and return to our warehouse to prepare your shipment for export.

5. Customs clearance, and Air/Sea transport to your final destination

On your behalf, Fukuoka Soko will file the necessary export documents with Japanese customs.
Once your shipment is cleared for export, Fukuoka Soko will arrange a shipping schedule to your final destination, which best meets your requirements.

6. Delivery and unpacking at destination

Our local office, or agent at your destination, will inform you prior to the arrival of your shipment. Our local agent will then arrange for customs clearance and deliver to your residence at a pre-arranged time.
The delivery of your shipment is a reverse of the packing and loading procedures and includes:

Placing protective material to prevent damage.
Offloading of the vehicle or container at your residence
Placing all furniture in the required positions and rooms
Unwrapping of all boxed items that you request
Unpacking of all cartons, and placing contents onto a counter or table top surface; unless alternative arrangements for packing into cupboards have been requested
Reassembling of basic furniture
Removal of debris and empty cartons

If you have any further questions that were not answered above, please visit our FAQ page or
contact us at +81-6-6478-5011 or email:

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