Leaving Japan

Required Documents for Customs Clearance

The following documents are necessary for Customs Export. (Fukuoka Soko will provide proper guidance for each case.)

At Origin (Japan)
1) Passport copy

Passport ID page including photograph and descriptions

2) Flight Information
One of the following
Copy of your E-ticket, OR
OFFICIAL/CONFIRMED Flight Itinerary showing name/address of Travel Agency

* In order to clear your shipment as Unaccompanied Personal Effects at the destination country, your departure from Japan date must be WITHIN 6 MONTHS from the day clearance papers are submitted to Japanese customs.

* Flight information should be covered from Japan to the final destination, not up to the point of transition.

At Destination

Visa page

If you do not plan on returning to your home country, we will require proof of work/residence visa in oreder to ship your personal effects to that country.

Customs import forms

Customs import forms may vary depending on your destination. With assistance from our destination office/agent, Fukuoka Soko can assist you.

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