Leaving Japan

Customs Regulations

As long as you do not declare any articles which require special permits, export Japan custom clearance procedure will go smoothly. Please note that some items are not allowed to include your shipment.

Prohibited items for all shipments
  • Firearms or Weapons Ammunition
  • Narcotics/Drugs
  • Pornography
  • Explosives
  • Fresh food stuffs
  • Any aerosal products

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Prohibited items for air cargo
  • All Lithium batteries must be removed from the electric devices.
    *Rechargeable lithium batteries and built-in lithium battery products
    are not allowed.

    【Sample products with lithium battery】

    Laptop, Digital camera, Video camera, Mobile phone, Shaver, Hair iron,
    Rice cooker, Robot vacuum, Game machine

  • Pharmaceuticals, Insecticides, Germicide
  • Antiphlogistic analgetic, Disinfectant, Insect repellent, Insect bite reliever
  • Daily commodity, Cleanser
  • Household cleaner, Detergent, Anhidrotic spray, Blancher, Deodorar,
    Bleach, Fertilizers, Cleaning solvent, Wrinkle removal
  • Hair, Skin, Nail care products
  • Hair spray, Hair tonics, Hair growth products, Hair dye, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Facial cleansing foam, Sunscreen cream, Perfume, Aromatic oils, Manicure, Polish remover

Printing ink, Paint/Varnish, Ink toner cartridge, Barometer, Thermometer, Fluorescent light, Light bulb, Magnet,
Electronic cigarette, Disposal heat pack

Food and Alcoholic beverage

The Customs inspection for food products and alcoholic beverage in some countries is extremely strict and many foods are prohibited from being exported. Please tell us before you decide to ship these items. If you do not tell us, your shipment may be delayed and extra charges may incur.

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