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Required Documents for Customs Clearance

In order to clear your personal effects shipment through Japanese customs, we require the following documents. Please refer to the table below.

1) Copy of your Passport (High Resolution)

※please take photo copy to be able to see whole page

All Nationalities
Your Passport ID page which clearly shows your photo, passport number and details
All Nationalities
Copy of Origin work visa/permit
If you are sending your shipment from a country OTHER than your own, Japanese Customs will also require a copy of your work visa/permit for that country (which is valid more than 1 year.)
Copy of Origin work visa
Japanese Passport Holders Foreign Passport Holders
Copy of Most recent return stamp to Japan page
Copy of Japan Departure stamp page
For Japanese nationals returning from overseas assignment: Customs requires a copy of the departure stamp which shows you left Japan at least 1 year prior to your most recent return.
Copy of Most recent return stamp to Japan and Copy of Japan Departure stamp

※stamp image

Copy of Most recent Japan entry/
immigration stamp AND work visa/permit pages
You must have an official Japanese work visa which is valid for one (1) year or more.
Copy of Most recent Japan entry stamp/Immigration Stamp
2) Japan Customs Form ORIGINAL with Customs Stamp
Japanese Foreign Nationalities
Japan Customs Forms C No.5360 (Japanese version) and C No.5360-B (English version) are available on all aircraft coming to Japan. Ask your flight attendant for two (2) forms to complete.
Please complete both forms in exactly the same manner.
On Question #3. Do you have Unaccompanied Articles? Check YES and write-in the total number of packages in your air and sea shipments.
After picking up your suitcases from the luggage carousel, give BOTH forms to the customs officer and tell the Customs officer that you have Unaccompanied Baggage and a shipment coming. You only have this one chance.
The Customs officer will stamp BOTH forms and keep one form. The form that s/he hands back to you will be the one we use to clear your personal effects shipment. Failure to complete the form and have it certified by Customs will result in delays.
The Customs stamp MUST show the same date as your entry date into Japan.
The form will not be accepted if there is no Customs stamp, and you will not be able to declare after entering Japan.
If you fail to apply and obtain the Customs stamp on Form C No.5360-B, please contact our coordinator.

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