Fukoka Soko did an amazing job packing and labeling all of our things. The unpackers on the US end were flat-out bad due to foul language, leaving garbage throughout the house, complaining all day about their job (professionalism) etc. It was a burden for them to do their job.

This comment was for packing service in Iwakuni on March 15, 2018
Crew menmbers : Mr. Miura, Mr. Kitagawa, Mr. Abe, Mr. Tsuru, Mr. Yoshino

2018/07/17F.H. from Iwakuni to USA

The crew was very friendy and worked hard.
They are very helpful and carefull with all our items. Everything was so kind! Thank you very much!!

Crew team from Nagoya branch
Leader: Mr. Tsurushima


2018/07/11W.L. from USA to Nagoya, Japan

The quality of service at origin (Japan) was fantastic. The crew was timely, efficient, careful and considerate.

Origin agent: (Japan) Fukuoka Soko
Packing Date: 2018/4/23
Crew members: From Iwakuni branch: Mr. Kitagawa, Mr. Hamano, Mr. Hayashida, Mr. Yoshimoto

                    From Kobe branch: Mr. Kubota

The quality once my goods arrived in the US was terrible. The coordinator was dismissive, unresponsive, and did not return calls requesting ETA and status. The crew was late, and I received no notification of delay. I wasted an entire day of work only to have them show up after hours and then try to rush through unpacking my goods. I would never use this company personally.

2018/07/09RONNIE PRIDE JR from Iwakuni, Japan to USA

The movers that unpacked our stuff at destination Japan were fantastic! Very professional, kind, fast, careful, and clean. Loved having them!

Destination agent: Fukuoka Soko, Iwakuni branch
Deliveyr date: 2018/5/31
Delivery crew members:  Mr. Kawazu, Mr. Haji and Mr. Takuya Kawamura

2018/07/09Robert Beary from USA to Iwakuni, Japan

Super mover, Super members. 

Origin agent: Kobe branch.  Crew leader, Mr. Kubota

2018/06/29O. T from Osaka to Italy

Yesterday the moving company delivered my goods from Kobe to my apartment in Shanghai. All goods were very well wrapped and arrived in very good condition. Nothing is broken, damaged or scratched.

Thank you very much for your great support.

Origin agent: Fukuoka Soko, Kobe branch
Destination agent: 
KIR International Removals Ltd.

2018/06/28K.R. from Kobe, Japan to Shanghai, China

On time, very neat and very nice ecah day. Some team members even spoke fulluent English. Thanks!

This comment was given to leader Mr. Okada and his team from Kobe branch.
Packin duration 4 days.

2018/06/21C.S. from Kobe, Japan to IL, USA

Thank you for your kindness, patience and wonderful work. Good job!!

Origin packing crew and team:
Leader Mr. Okada from Kobe branch


2018/06/15K.Y. from Kobe Japan, to Israel

They are all outstanding crew!!!

This comment was given to Mr. Ishibashi and this team from Nagoya branch.

2018/05/30C.W. local to local move in Nagoya

We are very happy with service! Very fiendly and Good services. Thank you very much.
*This comment was to the delivery team in Kobe office.
Team member, Mr.Okada, Mr.Yamaguchi, and Mr.Shiotsuki


2018/04/11K.G. Kobe, Japan

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