Excellent and Very professional, Thanks !!!

Provided delivery service by Osaka Branch, Crew leader Mr. Kubota.

2019/07/06C.W from IL, USA to Kobe, Japan

Very professional, Polite and Careful with our belongings. Pleasure to work with them.
I would recommend to anyone.

This comment was given to Iwakuni packing team.
Team leader: Mr. Mochida

2019/06/25K.M F. from Hiroshima to Manassa, VA, USA

Tsurushima-san and his assistant were very professional, efficient and  organized.  They did a great job.
Thank you very much for all support and strong effort.

This commetn was given to Mr. Tsurushima and his team from Nagoya branch.


2019/05/28M.J. S. from Nagoya to Detroit, USA

Very professional and fun days during the days our shipment delivery.  
All are very friendly, efficient and awesome. Good services!

This comment was given to Mr. Kubota and his team from Osaka branch.

2019/05/21F.R. from Sweden to Kobe, Japan

Very helpful, Friendly and Efficient team.  They helped us with all of our belongings very carefully.
Thank you Kubota-san and team for all your services.

 Delivery team leader: Mr. Sumihiko Kuobta
             team members: Mr. Yamatuchi and Mr. Morihara

2019/02/25P.D.S. from Philippine to Kobe, Japan

Mr. Kubota, Mr. Ichikawa were first class all the way during the packing out of my household goods. 
Outstanding services. I would recommend them & the Fukuoka Soko to all Expats. Very Very Professional.

  This comment was given to Mr. Kubota and Mr. Ichikawa from Osaka branch.

2019/02/13D.P from Nagoya to NY, USA

The delivery was perfect! Such a great crew of very professional and talented people. They took great care of our things and cleaned up so nicely. 

 Delivery team leader: Mr. Kato from Tokyo branch

2019/02/02A.M. R from Westfield, NY USA to Tokyo, Japan

They are professional, kind  and helpful. So far, the best moviong team I experienced.

 Delivery team leader Mr. Okada from Osaka branch.

2019/02/01S.R from Jakarta to Kobe, Japan

Great crews and team!  Helpful, first, clean and kind!! Definitely we recommend :)

Packing crew leader: Mr. Tsurushima from Nagoya branch

2018/12/19J.A from Nagoya to Evansville, IN USA

Kubota-san was exeptional, Very helpful. Great crew and on time.  They are amaging!!
Let me compliment on the exceptional work done by Kubota-san and his team from Fukuoka Soko, they were just outstanding professionals with great attitude and skills.  I have relocated 4 times and this is the best delivery experience I ever had!!

    This comment was given to delivery team from Osaka branch.
    Team leader: Mr. Sumihiko Kubota 
          Member: Mr. Hori, Mr. Kyo, Mr. Shibata, Mr. Yamaguchi


2018/11/27R.G. from USA to Kyoto, Japan

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