The delivery was perfect! Such a great crew of very professional and talented people. They took great care of our things and cleaned up so nicely. 

 Delivery team leader: Mr. Kato from Tokyo branch

2019/02/02A.M. R from Westfield, NY USA to Tokyo, Japan

They are professional, kind  and helpful. So far, the best moviong team I experienced.

 Delivery team leader Mr. Okada from Osaka branch.

2019/02/01S.R from Jakarta to Kobe, Japan

Great crews and team!  Helpful, first, clean and kind!! Definitely we recommend :)

Packing crew leader: Mr. Tsurushima from Nagoya branch

2018/12/19J.A from Nagoya to Evansville, IN USA

Kubota-san was exeptional, Very helpful. Great crew and on time.  They are amaging!!
Let me compliment on the exceptional work done by Kubota-san and his team from Fukuoka Soko, they were just outstanding professionals with great attitude and skills.  I have relocated 4 times and this is the best delivery experience I ever had!!

    This comment was given to delivery team from Osaka branch.
    Team leader: Mr. Sumihiko Kubota 
          Member: Mr. Hori, Mr. Kyo, Mr. Shibata, Mr. Yamaguchi


2018/11/27R.G. from USA to Kyoto, Japan

The crew was extreamly efficient at providing moving services.  They were polite and handled our items with care very much.
I woould recommend to anyone in need of moving services.
Thank you very much.

This comment was given to Osaka Branch
Team leader: Mr. Okada
Members: Mr. Shiotsuki, Mr. Hori, Mr. Shiba, Mr. Matsuo, Mr. Kyo and Mr. Onishi

2018/10/03A.D. from Chicago, USA to Kobe

Fukuoka Soko was one of the best companies I have worked with in 22 years. They were professional and took great care of our HHG movement. Really a pleasure to work with them.

Packing crew mambers: Mr. Miura Mr. Kitagawa, Mr. Asai, Mr. Yoshino, Mr. Hirata from Iwakuni branch
                                 Mr. Tamae from Tokyo branch


2018/10/02Jason Berg from Iwakuni, Yamatuchi Japan to Virginia, USA

By far the best moving experience we have had in 17 years of PCS moves. Crew was great.

Crew members: Mr. Kitano, Mr. Hirose, Mr. Nagatsu, Mr. Yoshino & Mr. Soga from Iwakuni Branchi


2018/08/25Gregory Fletcher, from Iwakuni to Virginia, USA

Service was outstanding. The crew went above all expectations. Thank you very much!!

Crew member from Kobe branch.
Crew leader Mr. Kubota

2018/08/18A. N. from USA to Kobe, Japan

Great job! Very fast and professional. I would higly recommend to anyone else!

Crew member from Kobe barnch.
Crew leader: Mr. Okada

2018/08/18S. L. from USA to Kobe, Japan

Supper friendly staff. Very organized!   We will highly recommend them.
Thank you very much!

Crew member from Nagoya branch
Crew leader: Mr. Tsurushima

2018/08/07J. S. from USA to Nagoya, Japan

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