Very excellent crew. Please keep up the good work!!

This comment was for delivery service team in Nagoya branch. Team leader is Mr. Shigeyuki Tsurushima.

2017/07/18P. W. / From Los Angeles to Nagoya Japan

They provided us very proressinal  services. Thank you very much!

This comment was given to packing team in Nagoya branch.
Team leader: Mr. Tsurushima

2017/07/11D.W. from Nagoya to USA

The delivery were fine.  The crew worked really well, and they had all my items moved and unboxed in no time.

This comment was given to delivery team in Nagoya branch.
Supervisor: Mr. Shigeyuki Tsurushima

2017/06/03K.L. from USA to Nagoya

Very good service, Timely, Gentle and Efficient !! Thank you very much.

This for the origin service packed by Kobe branch
Superviser: Mr. Shinji Okada


2017/05/29from Kobe to USA

Thank you very much. It was excellent.!!

This comment was origin service at Nagasaki.
Packed by Fukuoka branch and supervise from Sasebo branch


2017/05/18from Nagasaki to Germany

Crew was very adept at making everything fit into the asigned container.

This is for the origin service servied by Kobe branch.
Crew leader: Mr. Sumihiko Kubota

2017/04/06J.K. from Osaka to USA

They were very prompt and helpful with suggestions of how to set up better.  Thank you very much!
 *This comment was given to Mr. T. Miki/Kobe office and Nagoya crew.

2017/02/08B.T. Nagoya, Japan

Very excellent service. Thank you!
 *This comment was given to Nagoya branch.
    Opereation: Mr. Mizuki   Packing crew leader : Mr. Kimura

2017/01/24C.B from Nagoya o USA

Excellent work. Cautious, kind and professional team.

    *This comment was given to packing teman at Tokyo branch.
      Tema leader: Mr. Ando

2016/12/27P.V. Tokyo, Japan

They are very courtesy and prompt and precise.  I would like to use Fukuoka Soko next time again.

*This commnet was given to Kobe and Tokyo crews.
  Team leader of Kobe branch : Mr. Kubota / Team leader of Tokyo branch : Kubo 

2016/12/16K.A. Osaka, Japan

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