Excellent work. Cautious, kind and professional team.

    *This comment was given to packing teman at Tokyo branch.
      Tema leader: Mr. Ando

2016/12/27P.V. Tokyo, Japan

They are very courtesy and prompt and precise.  I would like to use Fukuoka Soko next time again.

*This commnet was given to Kobe and Tokyo crews.
  Team leader of Kobe branch : Mr. Kubota / Team leader of Tokyo branch : Kubo 

2016/12/16K.A. Osaka, Japan

Hello Kanyakorn,

My move went very well.
The movers were on time, friendly and very efficient. 
We were able to get all my goods moved and settled in just over an hour. Please pass the message that I appreciate the professional job they did.  I also want to thank you very much for all your help in this.  I'm sure I would have been lost without your assistance.

Very sincerely.                           
                                            *This commnet was given to Tokyo branch                                             
Operation leader: Ms. R. Kanyakorn (Ice) , Delivery team leader: Mr. Ando

2016/12/12K. A. C., Tokyo Japan

Excellent!  Very professional.  Great Job!

* This comment was given to Nagoya branch.
Operation leader: Mr. Satoshi Mizuki
Packing team leader: Mr. Shogo Kawazu

2016/12/11T. J. R. , Nagoya, Japan

Dear Ms. Ice,

The delivery of our belongings is now completed. 
I am very pleased by your team, they did a great job at installing the furniture and unpacking. 
They are kind and careful.  It is much appreciated.
Thank you all for making this happen before our leave, we had little time but you made it work.

*This commnet was given to Tokyo branch.
Operation leader: Ms. R. Kanyakorn (Ice)
Delivery team leader: Mr. Nishida

2016/12/07M. P. G., Tokyo Japan

They worked carefully and swiftly.  We appreciate the crew's prmpt work. Thank you so much.

* This commnet was given to our Nagoya branch.
Operation leader: Mr. Satoshi Mizuki
Packing team leader: Mr. Kohei Tsutsumi

2016/12/07P. J. F., Nagoya Japan

A very efficient and professional services. Thank you very much.
*This comment was given to Tokyo branch
    Operation team: Ms. R. Kanyakorn (Ice) and Mr. Nobu Naritomi

2016/12/05M.H. J, Tokyo, Japan

Extra good srvice!
Very professinal. The crew was first and courteous and carefull.  Thanks!!

This comment was given to Iwakuni branch, delivery service team. 
Crew leader: Mr. Kurihara/Iwakunin Branch

2016/09/30L.K. Iwakunin Japan

I cannot remember the names of the movers that packed us or delivered our personal belongings but they did an outstanding job. On both the pick-up and receiving end, the movers were true professionals and displayed a genuine passion and pride for their jobs. I cannot express enough how please both my spouse and I were. Keep up the great work and thank you for your service to
the service member!!
*This comment was given to Mr. Kitano, Mr. Hamano and Mr. Fukuda from Iwakuni branch.

  Mr. Kitano           Mr. Hamano

2016/08/26Mr. Christopher Miller, Iwakuni Japan

It seems that Fukuoka Soko is the best as always !!
-Showed up exactly on time
-Were very diligent in handling of our stuff.
-Helped assemble everything, even with some missing hardware from the origin movers
-Very respectful of our home and even went out of the way to comfort our new puppy when it was scared
-Would use them again with no fears

* The above comment was reported regarding the delivery service in Iwakuni.
  Service members : Mr. Mieno, Mr. Sakamoto, Mr. Matsuo, Mr. Kouzu and Mr. Hashii from Iwakuni Branch.


2016/08/23Tanner Kern, Iwakuni Japan

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