The packers in Japan did a fantastic job.  Best we have seen in over 28 years of moving in the military.  Great job

Packing crew team
Iwakuni branch :Mr. Kouzu, Mr. Matsuoka, Mr. Misama
Tokyo branch    : Mr. Suzuki

2019/11/04M.P. from Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Japan to USA

Good Job!! Excellent and very professional!

Crew leader from Naogya branch, Mr. Tsutsumi.

2019/10/21C.K from Nagoya, Japan to Detroit, USA

Very professional handled all items with care.  Took time to ensure everything was properly.
Packed and nothing was missed.

This comments was given to Mr. Kubota and his team from Osaka branch.

2019/09/04B.W. from Kyoto to TX, USA

Overall I was satisfied with the move. The movers at the origin were extremely respectful and diligent with their work and taking care of our stuff, to the point of wrapping things so well it was difficult to unwrap. They showed up first thing in the morning and were compete early afternoon as they worked hard. The destination movers were also very helpful and respectful, especially when they took my pregnant wife into account and helped her move things that they did not have to, like a dresser that showed up during the move in process from FedEx. They were all very friendly and helped us unpack our boxes and took many of them away when they left. Overall, I was very satisfied with this experience.

Origin agent: Fukuoka Soko, Iwakuni branch
Crew members : Mr. Hamano, Mr. Asai, Mr. Yano

2019/08/01T.K. from Iwakuni, Yamaguchi to New Orleans, USA

Very freiendly and professinal. I highly appreciated the service of Kubota-san and his colleague. 
10 out of 10 stars.    Thanks a lot!

  Delivery service team from Osaka branch.
  Crew leader : Mr. Kubota
  Team member : Mr. Ebisu

2019/07/13D.S. from NJ, USA to Kobe, Japan

Fukuoka Soko crews were very professilnal, ontime and graet job did. 

Provided delivery service and Crew leader: Mr. Tsurushima from Nagoya branch.

2019/07/11T.S. from KY, USA to Nagoya, Japan

Excellent and Very professional, Thanks !!!

Provided delivery service by Osaka Branch, Crew leader Mr. Kubota.

2019/07/06C.W from IL, USA to Kobe, Japan

Very professional, Polite and Careful with our belongings. Pleasure to work with them.
I would recommend to anyone.

This comment was given to Iwakuni packing team.
Team leader: Mr. Mochida

2019/06/25K.M F. from Hiroshima to Manassa, VA, USA

Tsurushima-san and his assistant were very professional, efficient and  organized.  They did a great job.
Thank you very much for all support and strong effort.

This commetn was given to Mr. Tsurushima and his team from Nagoya branch.


2019/05/28M.J. S. from Nagoya to Detroit, USA

Very professional and fun days during the days our shipment delivery.  
All are very friendly, efficient and awesome. Good services!

This comment was given to Mr. Kubota and his team from Osaka branch.

2019/05/21F.R. from Sweden to Kobe, Japan

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