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Do you have any general information about Japan? During my assignment, I would like to go daty trip or excursion with my family.

Please enjoy life in Japn with your family and for your remembrance.
You may find some useful information from websites.

Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Japan Atlas
Japan National Tourism Organization
Japan Travel and Livign Guide

What kind of electrical appliances can we bring to Japan? Are all of them usable?

It's generally a good idea to NOT bring your big appliances like microwave oven, TV, refrigerator, washer and dryer to Japan.

Most appliances are specifically made for the country or region in which they are sold, so it's probably a better idea to leave them in your home country. You can buy or rent appliances when you come to Japan and either sell them or leave them with your house when it's time to leave. Sometimes, the appliances will already be furnished by the landlord or your predecessor. Rental and lease arrangements for appliances are also available. For details,  check with your company's HR department or ask Fukuoka Soko. We can introduce you to a lease/rental company.
If you do decide to bring appliances that uses European, Oceanian and Asian voltage (220V or 240V), you may need to use electrical transformers. Also, you should be aware that if one of your appliances breaks, you may face considerable difficulty finding replacement parts and getting the appliance serviced in Japan.
Japanese voltage is 100V. Electrical items (like simple toaster ovens or coffee makers) from the USA, Canada, Guam, Saipan, Taiwan will generally work fine but a little slower or not as hot. For proper operation, it's best to set up and use the appliance through an electrical transformer. Step-up transformers are available in Tokyo (Akihabara) and via mail order through various sites.
For more information on electricity around the world and plug types, please visit the link below.

Electricity around the world

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