Dear Ueki-san, The move was great. Thank you so much for your help.
I have no problem recommending you to my friends. Thanks again.

2012/04/24T. Yamauchi, Japan

Dear Ueki-san, My shipment arrived yesterday as scheduled. The delivery company was especially courteous and gentle. I am happy to report that there was no damage or mildew, and that the shipment arrived in the same condition as it was packed.

     Mr. Kent Ueki/Sales Manager, International Moving Dept.


2012/04/21Ms. Harada, Japan

Dear Fukuoka Soko, my shipment arrived without any issues. I'm currently tidying up the huge volume of books. Ueki-san, thank you for your courteous and polite care. I'm happy to report that there was no damage. I don't know where we will go next, but if we move, I hope you'll take care of us.

2012/04/18Mr. and Mrs. Cordon, France

Dear Ueki-san, my shipment arrived last week. The very friendly staff unpacked my shipment faster than I could imagine. Our most important belongings arrived unscathed and in perfect condition. Thanks to you and your staff for your kind and gentle handling. In particular I am extremely grateful for your speedy arrangements, accurate advice and timely support. From the beginning to the end, your team was kind, speedy and flawless, and I felt I could rely on you to do everything. I will be happy if my comments assist anyone else searching for a reliable company to handle their overseas move.

2012/03/29Ms. Mizuno, Japan

Dear Ueki-san, I appreciate your kind support on our move from Japan to UK.
Shipment arrived with no damages and everything went well.
Thank you for all of your help.  I would like to have the same services in the future when I return to Japan.

 Mr. Kent Ueki/Sales Manager/Internatoinal Moving dept.


2012/03/19Ms. Kameoka, Japan

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