I used Fukuoka Soko when I moved to a new apartment within the same ward in Tokyo.
Despite the short distance, they didn't cut any corners. They made sure every piece of furniture was properly wrapped and protected. They even disassembled tables and racks to make them compact for transporting and reassembled them back in the new place. The movers were very efficient and handled my furniture with care. To top it off, Fukuoka Soko gave me the best price compared with 3 other reputable moving companies. I'd definitely recommend them for your next move.

2013/03/12T. Uehara, Le Cordon Bleu Japan, Inc.

Excellent company with the best team of people providing outstanding services.
Mr. Kent Ueki is the best General Manager we came across in all our relocation experiences.
Thank you so much and looking forward to work with Mr. Ueki again in our future relocation.

2013/02/03Edgar H. Chin, President, ASSA ABLOY Japan Co., Ltd.

Dear Mr. Ueki,
Today I received the shipment in good order. Every procedure of unpacking was going well with no problem. I am sure that it was brought about by the excellent packing and handing in Japan. Please let me send my most sincere thanks for your services.

 Mr. Kent Ueki/Sales Manager, International Moving Dept.


2012/11/28K. Yamaguchi, Auckland New Zealand

We made the decision to move to Perth, Western Australia in December 2011. After receiving quotations from various moving companies, we decided to go with Fukuoka Soko. Everyone involved in the move, the sales team, packers, and drivers were extremely kind and gentle. We are grateful that Fukuoka Soko kept us informed of every minute detail when customs took longer than usual to clear our shipment.

2012/11/09T. Kado, Japan

My company assigned me to Japan where I worked for more than ten years. When it was time to return to Taiwan, I realized I had too much stuff, and I didn't understand the various complex moving procedures, so via the internet, I researched many overseas moving companies. I interviewed three companies, and the only one who provided polite and concise answers to each of my questions was Ueki-san, so I went with Fukuoka Soko. The local Japanese staff packed my belongings tightly and thoroughly. When the shipment arrived to my home in Taiwan, everything was gently opened, and they also assembed my furniture. The unpacking crew also removed as much of the cardboard boxes and leftover packing materials which really impressed me. In Taiwan, most companies would never go this far. I believe this is why the Japanese service standard is the best in the world; they go the extra step for their customers. Early last year, I came back to Japan for a second assignment. Of course, I did not hesitate to ask Ueki-san and the staff at Fukuoka Soko to handle my move again.

2012/11/07S. Lin, Taiwan

Last July when I moved my belongings from my condominium in Shiga to Hong Kong, Fukuoka Soko did such an efficient and thorough job that I am still telling my relatives this positive experience. Considering the crew had to drive almost two hours from Osaka to my home, they arrived punctually and deployed themselves like clockwork, I was impressed. The packing and wrapping of articles and furniture was more than efficient; the crew took great care to ensure things were done properly and carefully. Finally, they even helped in disposing some unwanted items not originally included in the order. I have no hesitation in recommending this company for international moving and moving services.

*Destination Agent in Hong Kong: KIR International Removals Ltd.

2012/09/04H. Dan Tam, Director, PineCom Asia Ltd. Hong Kong

Dear Ueki-san, The move was great. Thank you so much for your help.
I have no problem recommending you to my friends. Thanks again.

2012/04/24T. Yamauchi, Japan

Dear Ueki-san, My shipment arrived yesterday as scheduled. The delivery company was especially courteous and gentle. I am happy to report that there was no damage or mildew, and that the shipment arrived in the same condition as it was packed.

     Mr. Kent Ueki/Sales Manager, International Moving Dept.


2012/04/21Ms. Harada, Japan

Dear Fukuoka Soko, my shipment arrived without any issues. I'm currently tidying up the huge volume of books. Ueki-san, thank you for your courteous and polite care. I'm happy to report that there was no damage. I don't know where we will go next, but if we move, I hope you'll take care of us.

2012/04/18Mr. and Mrs. Cordon, France

Dear Ueki-san, my shipment arrived last week. The very friendly staff unpacked my shipment faster than I could imagine. Our most important belongings arrived unscathed and in perfect condition. Thanks to you and your staff for your kind and gentle handling. In particular I am extremely grateful for your speedy arrangements, accurate advice and timely support. From the beginning to the end, your team was kind, speedy and flawless, and I felt I could rely on you to do everything. I will be happy if my comments assist anyone else searching for a reliable company to handle their overseas move.

2012/03/29Ms. Mizuno, Japan

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